Greensift Biodegradable and Sifting Litter System

Made from 100% Recycled Cardboard.

Proprietary Leak-Proof Formulation.

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How it Works

Using Greensift is easy! Scoop as needed, but once you reach your 'yuck' factor you can pick up the top tray, gently sift, and dispose of your dirty tray and waste in your compost or garbage.

Greensift Biodegradable and Sifting Litter System

See Greensift in Action!

The ultimate environmentally designed cat litter system! No more scooping, or cleaning a dirty tray! Just lift, sift and toss the tray after use. Comes with 4 sifting trays and 1 solid base and made from 100% recycled cardboard containing a proprietary additive that stops leaks! You and your cat will love it!

Environmentally Designed